Don’t we need a revamp?

GEO will not change the future of Pakistan, neither will Musharraf or BB or Nawaz Sharif or Qazi Hussain OR Imran Khan for that matter. They’re all but different faces of the same body that has kept throwing the fate of innocent people of Pakistan from one’s hands to the other’s and vice versa. They don’t give a damn about Pakistanis or their future, all they need is to acquire power, loot the hard-earned wealth of the citizens and either be forced on exile or be self-exiled in order to spend the wealth they amassed during their reign.

None except the Pakistanis themselves can change their own fate. When we litter the streets with our own hands, when we spit red liquid everywhere, when we quietly steal electricity, water; when we receive interest on our PLS accounts, when we let enlightened moderate TV channels enlighten our children and our guests – we are doing nothing less than what all the self-proclaimed leaders of Pakistan have so far been doing, except that they do it at mass level and we do it at an individual level.

Following Islamic teachings closely is the only path to success, the rest of the ideologies, logics and intellectual approaches will be completely unacceptable on the Day of Judgement.

O’ my Pakistani Muslim brothers, realise one thing from every corner of your heart, that Pakistan was obtained in the name of Islam, and Islam should be its constitution and the way of life for its people. I might sound like a hardliner when i say this, but believe me, the Muslims of India, the students of Aligarh were all hardliners when their one and only slogan was:

Pakistan ka matlab kia? LA ILAAHA ILLALLAH !!!!



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