Bein-venue encore Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan!

Welcome Back Dr. A Q Khan!

This is apropos of the report published on 30th May titled “Dr. A.Q. Khan regrets confession” published in DAWN newspaper. First of all, i would like to commend DAWN News Channel on being one of the first to interview Dr. A. Q. Khan after the Govt.’s decision to uplift the restrictions earlier imposed on the National hero.

On behalf of the whole nation, I would like to congratulate Dr. A. Q. Khan on finally being able to clarify the allegations that were leveled against him by the former regime amid extreme pressure from the West. Dr. A. Q. Khan has stated that he confessed to a heinous crime which he had not committed, under unavoidable circumstances, and we completely respect and honor his decision to do so then. Had he not undertaken such a confession, a whole herd of Generals would have come under inexorable scrutiny by Western bullies who consider themselves the Chief Justices of planet Earth. That in turn would have brought a bad name to one of the most skilled and respected armies in the world, not because Nuclear proliferation is a crime, but because a Muslim country has no right to share its advancements with other countries. Had Nuclear proliferation been a crime, the very first convicts would have been those guardians of peace who have brought peace to the heart of Arabia by settling the non-Goyims in Jerusalem, who financed and ignited the Iran-Iraq War in the 80s, have brought peace to the Gulf region by initiating the Gulf War of 1990s, who brought down a very violent nation of Mountains in 2001 after accusing them of crashing planes in the twin towers, and who are now busy ransacking a nation that was so rich with oil that its tyrant ruler had to be executed! Had Nuclear Proliferation been a crime, our befriended nation “Bharat”, which some allies refer to as “Hindustan” and Westerners call “India”, would never have become a Nuclear Power! And neither would it have prompted Pakistan to react in order to ensure the safety of its inhabitants who so proudly call themselves “Pakistanis”! But alas! Nuclear Proliferation was termed a crime in the International Supreme Court situated in the United States of Annihilators!

Nevertheless, as an admirer, as a student and as a faithful citizen of Pakistan, I heartily welcome you back, and I hope you will be extremely cautious in future not to follow the advice, believe in promises or feel safe in the hands of Pakistani politicians, because believe me, its not once or twice that they’ve betrayed the whole nation’s interest, they do it on a frequent basis and derive inspiration from it! You can never gain their loyalty just because you happen to be a Pakistani hero; some of them are least loyal to the country, some do not abide by the Supreme Court’s rulings and some would kill their wives to get to the helm of affairs. Welcome to Pakistani politics, which is not simply dirty politics instead it is filthy politics. I say so because I used to consider Aimal Kansi a hero too – not because he was alleged to have murdered CIA officers but because he was sold out to the Americans, because he carried a prize over his head – and being a Pakistani, it was his birthright to be tried in Pakistani courts and convicted – on his own soil. We being a sovereign state have no obligation to any state in the world to hand over our criminals to them. Neither does any state no matter how powerful it is, reserve the right to come and pick up criminals from our land – no matter how big a crime the accused has committed. If they catch the alleged criminal in their jurisdiction, it’s a separate story altogether. Anyhow, my point is, if these very guys could have given up Aimal Kansi, they sure as hell won’t back off when they’re ordered to deliver you to their Godfathers. In Pakistan, your own security is in your own hands after the Almighty. May ALLAH shower HIS blessings on you and protect you from the Dark side. May you live long, and may this Nation of Pure live forever! Ameen.









One Response to “Bein-venue encore Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan!”

  1. Frustration…. it’s overflowing!!!

    And you tell me not to fret. I am going to sell away this damn country. 😀

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