Dr. Aafia — The Pakistani daughter, given to the US Army for slaughter…

Apropos of the media coverage on Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, the innocent victim of US-led war on terror; A report by DAWN’s correspondent  Masood Haider in the paper of 4th Sept. states that on Tuesday afternoon, Pakistani neuroscientist Aafia Siddiqui was indicted by Michael J. Garcia, the US Attorney for the sourthern district of New York. District Judge Richard M. Berman is going to charge her formally on Thursday… May ALLAH have mercy on her… For one, i know that Dr. Aafia has secured a high profile in the books of our LORD ALMiGHTY… Yet, i pray that May ALLAH ease her remaining life in this world and grant her peace in the hereafter.

I would like to ask of Mr. Zardari, the God forsaken upcoming President of Pakistan, Mr. Gilaani, the God forsaken Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Kiyani, the God forsaken Chief of Army Staff, as to what they have done so far to save the Daughter of Pakistan from these inhuman-beings who claim to be the flagbearers of humanity and peace! Mr. Zardari, it could have been your own daughter Bakhtawar in Dr. Aafia’s place, would you still have kept quiet about it? I would like to ask all the female members of the Parliament, as to what they have done to save the life of this lady who has fallen prey to the American victimization of Muslims all over the globe? Have they atleast passed a bill that says we won’t proceed with any further negotiations with the US until US returns us our daughter? Had she been a criminal, we could’ve understood that the US is holding her, but she’s not. Every fact, every evidence speaks of her innocence and faulty intelligence that ruined her life. Just for a few thousand Dollars, as Mr. Ishtiaq Baig has rightfully quoted an American Senator in his article, just for a few thousand Dollars, our intelligence agencies picked up an innocent lady, a Doctor from MIT, and delivered her to their virtual masters! How pathetic! Ok, I have no hopes vested in the Pakistani crooks, from Prime-Minister to Chief of Army Staff, they’re all nothing but puppets… But hey there Americans! What of you? I believe your country still has one of the best Justice systems in place. Why then do you practice such religious discrimination??? And if your Govt. cooks up such stories, why do you people let go of such things? One of my favourite American Presidents was President Clinton (cuz he’s about the only President I’ve seen in my life time besides the Bushes), his wife Hillary Clinton is an equally respectable character… I would like to ask Hillary and Bill, what if this scenario was the other way round? What if Pakistani soldiers had claimed that Chelsea Clinton had snatched a rifle from Pakistani 6 feet tall, heavily built marines — what if today our Chief Justice was about to pass a ruling and proven Chelsea guilty of such a ridiculous crime! would you people have accepted such a ruling? Would you even have believed this story? that your daughter, with three young children, who was a graduate of an institute as renown as the MIT, would actually snatch an M-16 from the soldiers at a checkpoint and open fire? do they teach how to use SMGs at MIT?? do they teach how to manhandle soldiers and manage to snatch rifles from them? do they teach how to shoot? wow! you would believe it, wouldn’t you? ……….. Well, i have a humble request, from all Pakistanis residing in the US, from all Americans residing in the US and all over the world, to please help poor Dr. Aafia. She’s lost everything — They tortured her in every possible way that cruel minds could ever think up of… they took away her children. Her mom passed away in the agony of having lost a daughter… and last but not the least, the poor being has lost her mental state due to the hideous treatment that she’s been through….. yet, as if this were not enough, she’s about to be sentenced — 20 years in prison. I wish i could do something for my sister in islam and humanity… Nevertheless, we truly hope that justice shall prevail and after what Dr. Aafia’s been through during the past 5 years, the American nation will portray sympathy towards her and will save her from being convicted for another 20 or more years in jail.

May ALLAH ALMiGHTY forgive us for being so weak that we have to ask our enemies for help — because our own leaders are impotent cowards!






FBI, you guys are a “Fuc*ing Bunch of Idiots”


CIA, you guys are the “Chartered Institute of A**holes!”

cuz you can never catch the actual bad guys, you can only catch innocent people and convict them — and as far as your Pakistani allies go, i guess they’re a far worse bunch of losers if you trust them… they’ll keep on double crossing you, just like your best friend Musharraf did! So best of luck to you guys too.


P.S.: whoever reads this article, please leave your worthy comments. Also, visit www.ishtiaqbaig.com and sign the petition for the release of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui.




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