Sleep tight, Pakistan Air Force is Awake!

MIRAMSHAH, Sept 13: The Pakistan Air Force started reconaissance flights in areas on the border with Afghanistan on Saturday in the wake of increased airspace violations by US drones and incursions by coalition forces into tribal areas.

A US spy plane was seen in the skies above North Waziristan earlier during the day, but it disappeared as soon as Pakistani fighters appeared. The jets, which were seen for the first time after a series of US attacks in the tribal belt, reconnoitred the region for an hour.

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A few words of my own: Welcome to life our long awaited friends of the Pakistan Air Force! Personally, i’ve never been to FATA nor do i find any reason to ever go there, but i do know that FATA is a part of a Sovereign Country, our Country, our beloved Pakistan. And that NO ONE, and i repeat, NO ONE from outside Pakistan has the right, nor should have the guts, to enter Pakistan and attack its soil.

USA should intensify the diplomacy talks with Pakistan and should understand, like a grown up, that Pakistan itself is facing strong militancy, which is a serious threat to its national security – and additionally, if the US starts attacking militant targets inside Pakistan, it will be crossing the line. Instability in Pakistan won’t do good to any one in the region, but will have bad outcomes for all – cuz Pakistan unlike Afghanistan and Iraq is an entirely different nation, and if you’re playing with Pakistan, means you’re willingly pulling the trigger to World War-III. So all those buggers in the US who think attacking Pakistan is a solution, must be pre-informed that they shall be held responsible for the huge destruction that the world will have to face in the form of World War-III. So once again I say to every one in the world, and ofcourse to all the Pakistanis whether they’re American born or British born: “Save Pakistan, save the World!”.


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  1. pakistankakhudahafiz Says:

    Thanks dude, you’ve got a nice one yourself! how long have you been posting on here?

    hows everything else? felt your absence at at both weddings and i’m not just saying it.


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