The 9/11 attacks in Pakistan!

On the 11th of September, 2001, two planes crashed into the World Trade Center twin towers. Initially it was termed as an “attack on the United States” by the Bush Administration. President George Bush was sitting in a school reading a kindergarten book. He was twice informed by the FBI officials about the incident, but he ignored it as if nothing had happened, or to be precise, as if he knew it was about to happen. The 9/11 accident was played as the TRUMP CARD or WILD CARD by the Bush Administration in order to fulfil their ulterior motives of attacking Afghanistan and Iraq. Even though later on it was proved by several private think-tanks that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated by Bush himself with the help of his powerful friends including those heading the country’s most sophisticated institutions like the CIA and FBI. A simple question one would ask is that how an aeroplane despite being deviated from its defined path for more than half an hour could not be traced out and shot down by the Guardian agencies of the world’s most advanced state? Simple answer: They ignored it on purpose. Later on, Bush managed to convince the public of the United States that the terrorists were in Afghanistan and 3 years later, more terrorists and WMDs eventually turned out to be in Iraq —- and now 7 years later, consequently, the same terrorists that attacked the US on 9/11 2001 have somehow ended up in Pakistan. Wow, what a plan! Worked well on the American population! All Bush had to do to convince the innocent American population was that it was “Al-Qaeda” that carried out the 9/11 and so he needed to send troops to Afghanistan to finish them off, and the whole US population, in a state of shock, developed a sense of hatred for people who they or the rest of the world had ever heard of, and agreed to pay the “war on terror tax” to the American Govt. through which they licensed the US Army to cluster-bomb a nation. When the non-armed casualties began to exceed those of militants, the US Army made lame excuses and said it was faulty intelligence… In Iraq, 90% of those killed were those innocent citizens of Iraq who had nothing to do with Saddam Hussain or any of his rookies. The US Army indiscriminately entered houses of plain citizens and strip searched every man and woman, without any warrant… —- Did some one ever wonder what kind of an event would give such authority to any country’s army to enter wherever they like, destroy whatever they like, and rip the innocent & respected people off their dignity?; let alone the war crimes conducted by the US Army during the past 7 years. It was the 9/11 trump card.

A similar trump card was played by the Zardari administration last night, in order to root out the islamization taking place in Pakistan. The unknown “terrorists” have been blamed for the attacks. When the word “terrorist” is announced, the picture of a man with a beard pops up to mind – thanks to the media, which portrayed all those with beards as militants and terrorists – though i agree, and sad as it may seem, there are but several “bearded” agents working inside Pakistan, who are on the payroll of international agencies – working in Pakistan to destabilise it, and to disrupt the harmony between its people. One such example is Baitullah Mehsud, who was released from Guantanamo Bay prison with a motive, and he is carrying out his American motives exactly as they had asked him to. He has preached to the people to stand up against their own Muslim/Pakistani brothers. To fight the Pakistan Army, the Army that has been guarding the Pakistani homeland since before he was even born. However, i will not blame any such anti-Pakistan elements for yesterday’s attacks, instead, i will blame the administration of Islamabad for having such poor security in one of the most high-alert regions of Islamabad, where a truck laden with a TON of highly explosive material could get through all the way to Marriott! What a shame!! The consequences of this attack are going to be far more adverse than our present leaders can possibly imagine. They simply allowed it to be carried out because they are there to follow orders. Today both RAW and CIA are jointly working in Pakistan to destabilise, to shake it from every possible corner, however, unfortunately, we have amongst ourselves the traitors who allow this to happen, whose only faiths lie in Dollars, not in Islam or Pakistan. I truly hope that the true-lovers of Pakistan, the intelligence agencies of Pakistan, will not blindly follow the path showed by the Americans and will, in all seriousness find out the actual group of people that authorised this attack and tell the Pakistan people that they still have some reliable people sitting in the upper offices, who are NOT on foreign payroll, who can put traitors to task and punish them, remember, the traitor this time is not of ground level like Mehsud, not some bearded militant, but one that is on a foreign payroll, is powerful and knows whats going on at the inside, has authority to knock-off security in the high-alert areas of Islamabad, it is someone within the establishment.

may ALLAH bless Pakistan and safeguard it like always…

Pakistan Paayendabad.

2 Responses to “The 9/11 attacks in Pakistan!”

  1. The 9/11 attacks in Pakistan!…

    The 9/11 accident was played as the TRUMP CARD or WILD CARD by the Bush Administration in order to fulfil their ulterior motives of attacking Afghanistan and Iraq. Even though later on it was proved by several private think-tanks that ……

  2. America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter, and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.AbrahamLincolnAbraham Lincoln, 1809-65

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