…..the begging continues – Pakistan’s economy needs a “liquid” injection!

Zardari Bardari

Zardari Bardari


Sometimes it surprises me why Pakistan is still facing such shortage of funds, despite having continued the same petrol and diesel prices for the past 2 months, even though there was a surprising fall in the international oil prices. Whatever money needed to be earned, could have been easily earned by our Govt. through the millions of litres that were sold to the poor daily consumers, i.e. the hard-working middle class Pakistanis at a Rs.50/litre profit! The Govt. has probably made Billions and Billions of Rupees… yet, they remain in dire need of funds from the IMF! despite the rigid and damaging terms n conditions set forth by the IMF! will never get sadder than this i guess….. Pakistan, in the hands of traitors, extortionists and last but not the least, DACOITS; who got Billions of Dollars in their own accounts abroad, and are still begging the world for monetary support! shame on Zardari and his God forsaken cronies!



One Response to “…..the begging continues – Pakistan’s economy needs a “liquid” injection!”

  1. If the govt is really making Rs. 50 a litre at the above price level, it is certainly adding to the inflation and miseries of the over 30 % poor people of Pakistan. The govt MUST reduce the profit upto 50 % i.e. by Rs. 25 per litre which will certainly bring the prices down. By earning a good profit at the prsent level of Oil prices (USD 40 per barrel) the Govt will still have plenty for the rainy days if and when the prices of oil shoot up.

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