Zardari, heading the TAP (Traitors Association of Pakistan)

 PPP facilitates invasion of Pakistan

Obama is to finish what Bush could not – invade Pakistani tribal areas or perhaps the country itself. But before that Pakistan has to be brought on its knees in terms of economy and defense. The IMF deal and the attempt to weaken ISI is part of this plan.  Everywhere we see signatures of covert CIA operations against Pakistan. The war plans are already in advance stages and we are seriously concerned over the developments. PPP government’s understanding with Americans is to make some noises but facilitate the U.S. plan.  This betrayal and political impasse over national security issues puts army chief into a very tight corner. Despite the fact that army has seen through the CIA game, it is unable or unwilling to act at the moment as it would mean practically overthrowing the government or confronting it directly. For now, the army chief maintains the protocol, at least for the camera but would be surely conveying his message in many ways.



Monday, 17 November 2008.



ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—“If those in charge of our society – politicians, corporate executives, and owners of press and television – can dominate our ideas, they will be secure in their power. They will not need soldiers patrolling the streets. We will control ourselves.” – Howard Zinn, historian and author.


Mr. Zardari is feverishly working on a single-minded and focused strategy: ignore all protests, resistance and complaints and do what you have to do.  He is in a hurry and does not have time for his critics now, not overtly at least. Though he has tasked FIA and his sleuths to track, hunt and identify those who are undermining his game plan.


Before we do our assessment of the latest ground developing situation in Pakistan, it will be a good idea to revisit what we have written last week.


The government has already signed with IMF a deal done in vulgar haste and without disclosing the terms to the parliament or the media. A major obstacle crossed for the PPP government. Opposition has made noises but they are too weak or disorganized to put up any solid resistance to the plan.


The frustration is now going to increase at social and political levels while the civil society and Pakistani nationalists struggle to build the consensus against Mr. Zardari and the government.



Opposition in NA lashes out at president
ISLAMABAD, Nov 12: President Asif Ali Zardari, now on a U.S. visit, received a stinging rebuke from the opposition in the National Assembly on Wednesday for his perceived failings …


Zardari is becoming the target of hate across all cross segments of the society. He even faces serious dissent within the PPP and his government is led by him and run by a cartel of following names, almost all un-elected and considered as agents for external power players:


  1. Rehman Malik   –      Advisor to Interior.
  2. Mehmud Durrani.        National Security Advisor.
  3. Hussain Haqqani.     Ambassador to U.S..
  4. Wajid Shamsul Hasan. Ambassador to UK.
  5. Sherry rehman.          Minister for Information.
  6. Shaukat Tareen       Finance Advisor.
  7. Salman Taseer               Governor Punjab.
  8. Altaf Hussain                  MQM chief.
  9. Asfandyar Wali        ANP Chief.
  10. Fazal ur rehman           JUI chief.



This is the real and powerful shadow cabinet within the country running the government and implementing the policies. It has nothing to do with Prime Minister, parliament, democracy, the cabinet of 62 ministers or serving national interests. It is all dictated from Washington and implemented here. Period.


Zardari is going overboard to invite and seek assistance of U.S. to ‘stabilize’ Pakistan, not withstanding that he is himself the biggest cause of instability and economic suspense due to his reputation as one of the most corrupt rulers in the world today. He was in U.S. last week, demanding more money and intervention, no strings attached.


There is no doubt that there is going to be a policy re-evaluation for Pakistan in the next government of Obama. But there is also no doubt that it is going to be a hawkish policy against Pakistan and not a friendly one. Obama is to finish what Bush could not – invade Pakistani tribal areas or perhaps the country itself and create a justification for another Iraq or Afghanistan like invasion. But before that the country has to be brought on its knees in terms of economy and defense and taking out its economic and nuke potential remains a critical part of the whole pre-invasion planning. Former as well as current CIA officials are going to be his advisors on Pakistan.


Obama to reassess strategy on
Pakistan, Afghanistan
WASHINGTON, Nov 9: One of the first priorities of the Obama administration will be to reassess U.S. strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, his aides say. And as a first step, he has appointed Bruce Riedel, a former CIA official and adviser to three U.S. presidents on South Asia and the Middle East as his adviser on Pakistan..


Everywhere we see signatures of covert CIA operations against Pakistan. The war plans are already in advance stages and we are seriously concerned over the developments. “The new 9/11 is going to be from Pakistani tribal areas” is the buzz word these days suggesting that plans are already finalized and the targets designated for a media blitz to create a supportive global environment to create justifications for the “pre-emptive” or “reactive” attacks on Pakistan. We are NOT making this up, but reading the media noise and clatter to decipher the unfolding geo-political game for which Pakistan is being set up just as Iraq was set up on false pretexts of WMD’s.


Every major terror threat involves
Pakistan: CIA
CIA director Michael Hayden has warned that every major terrorist threat confronting the world has ties to Pakistan.  In a speech to the Atlantic Council on Thursday, Mr Hayden also claimed that Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was hiding in Fata…


The following statements of U.S. Commander confirms our earlier assessments that drones are controlled by CIA and not U.S. army. CIA has been tasked to eliminate all pro-Pakistan tribal leaders and militants who are posing as a threat to CIA sponsored gangs of TTP and Baitullah Mehsud. The game is dirty and indeed sinister. The elimination of pro-Pakistan militants remains critical to any future U.S. military intervention in the region and all CIA assets are working over time these days to prepare the grounds for future invasions.


Isaf chief refuses to discuss drone attacks
ISLAMABAD, Nov 13: General David McKiernan, the Commander of International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) in Afghanistan, has distanced himself from drone attacks in Pakistan … during a briefing to a select group of parliamentarians at the residence of U.S. Ambassador Anne W. Patterson on Thursday, said he had nothing to do with the missile attacks being carried out by drones. “I cannot speak on this issue as these drones do not come under my command.”…


PPP government is only to pretend its “anger” but would not give orders to the army to shoot them down or threaten any action against U.S. or NATO. It is all being done under a tacit understanding.


This betrayal and political impasse over national security issues puts army chief into a very tight corner. Despite the fact that army has seen through the CIA game, it is unable or unwilling to act at the moment as it would mean practically overthrowing the government or confronting it directly.


For now, the army Chief is going along with the government while deploying army’s own policy in the tribal areas to isolate the “bad Taliban” from the “good ones” and taking the bad ones out one by one. That is why CIA had to jump into the equation to set the balance right but that has only confirmed our analysis, increased anger in Pakistan army and exposed the CIA / RAW game plan.  For now, the army chief maintains the protocol, at least for the camera but would be surely conveying his message in many ways.


Kayani to attend Nato defense chiefs’ meeting
ISLAMABAD, Nov 13: Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani will leave for Brussels on Nov 18 to attend a meeting of defence chiefs of Nato. During the three-day meeting, the army chief will call for a comprehensive approach towards complexities of security, including implications of drone strikes in Fata….


The analysts at CIA HQ Langley would be wondering if the brazen attack on NATO convoy within Pakistan was genuine Taliban attack or a ‘signal” by the Pakistan army of shapes of things to come if U.S. and NATO continue to disregard Pakistan’s national security and support terrorist groups inside Pakistan which are directly attacking army in the mainland. 


Though the attack was carried out by anti-U.S. militants in the region and the army had to mobilize gunship to recover the hijacked Humvee convoy, the message in Langley would be read differently.  FC is not trusted by U.S. at all and relations between Pakistan army and U.S. are strained for the first time. U.S. feels that it has to keep Pakistan army on its side for any possibility of sustaining military operations in Afghanistan but following incidents continue to increase suspicion on both sides.  There is a reason why CIA tried to bring ISI under its control by placing it under Rehman Malik and the move was met with fierce resistance by the army. Things have not become normal ever since. Now very soon we should be seeing NATO supplies being used by Taliban or sold in Peshawar black-market.



Militants raid NATO supplies, hijack 13 military trucks
LANDI KOTAL, Nov 10: Militants hijacked 13 containers carrying supplies for
Nato forces from the highway linking Pakistan with Afghanistan after a brazen attack on Monday, as paramilitary personnel watched from the nearby Jamrud Fort. The containers were ambushed by dozens of heavily armed men from Wazir Dhand, Teddi Bazaar and Sur Qamar on the Peshawar-Torkham highway. Several Khasadar checkpoints are located nearby…



Meanwhile, Pakistan army plans its own independent operations against “bad” Taliban in various tribal pockets. The militants of TTP are getting massive supplies, equipment, explosives and weapons from Afghanistan in a reverse invasion of Pakistan in a CIA / RAW covert ops but the tide seems to be turning in favor Pakistan, both in tribal areas as well as in Balochistan.


The militants continue to hit back in ruthless attacks though their intensity and frequency have surely come down. The ANP, another U.S. allied party in NWFP supporting U.S. game plan has inadvertently gotten into the way of terrorist TTP and now is on the hit list with almost entire ANP leadership surviving multiple attacks. Now two U.S. assets – TTP and ANP are at war with each other and ANP has no means to fight them except duck and escape.


But still, the terrorists are hitting their marks and eliminating the pro-Pakistan elders and tribal. It is a direct war between ISI and CIA / RAW for control of Pakistani tribal areas and the results are indeed bloody.


There is another threat which has emerged in Peshawar where foreigners are being targeted irrespective of their nationality. Americans, Afghans, Iranians, Japanese citizens have already been targeted and the threat persists. There are dozens of militant groups in tribal regions with various political, sectarian or vested interest and it is almost impossible to pin point the cell or group responsible but most probably they belong to groups allied to TTP of Baitullah Mehsud.


The army seriously and strongly believes and knows that “foreign hands” (Read: CIA / RAW Afghan secret service) are highly active in Balochistan and FATA. The message from the military commander in Quetta was loud and clear. It is only a matter of time that if the present levels of involvement of “foreign elements” continue, Pakistani security establishment may just develop their own responses within Afghanistan, which they have not done yet. There are a certain levels of confidence in the army as a hangover from the Soviet-Afghan war that if Pakistan wants, life can be made hell for U.S. and NATO in Afghanistan. This is the ultimate nightmare for the NATO and U.S.


Foreign hand: conspiracy or fact?

 “We’ve moved from the insurgency phase to the reconciliation phase, but all’s not well. If foreign elements continue to infiltrate Balochistan, they could stir trouble and undermine our efforts to restore peace,” says Lt-Gen Khalid Shamim Wyne, the corps commander, indicating that in spite of the militants’ ceasefire, external forces have a role to play in destabilizing the province.


This column has been extracted with permission from a situation report released by BRASSTACKS, a security and defense analysis think tank based in Islamabad. Mr. Zaid Hamid is its Founding Consultant and the author of this report. He can be reached at You can also visit

2 Responses to “Zardari, heading the TAP (Traitors Association of Pakistan)”

  1. It definitely is a very precarious and fragile situation for Pakistan. But I think we need not be disappointed all that far. There is no doubt, the Satanic forces are unleashed to bring this country down. But I think we do have some subtle strengths of ours, which perhaps are hidden from our eyes, for some mala fide reason; and to me our malicious media giants are to blame for this. Our agricultural sector is in ruins, but are our peasants committing suicides, like it happens so frequently from Himachal to Haryana and Arunachal to Maharashtra? Our international rating for being a business friendly country is still higher than that of India. Standtard and Poors downgrading of our ranks is part of a well hatched plan to tighten us under the IMF noose, otherwise our great neighbour on the eastern side of the border is no better than us. Our so-called friend America is worried about the security of our nukes. But has it ever happened in our country that a B-52 Strategic bomber ever flew across the country from Peshawer to Karachi with ready to fire nuclear weapons, with air force high command not having even a track of all what happened? This happened in case of America, where the Bomber fitted with nuclear weapons flew from Dakota to Louisiana. The matter of the fact is that we are having a secure command and control system , perhaps more than theirs. May be their actual worry is as to why our nuclear weapons are so safe, not even detected by them, despite trying so hard!
    Now for terrorism; well! even an illiterate street vendor is firm, as much as the day of judgment that, Pakistanis can never kill Pakistanis! Whosoever is in charge of these sabotage activities is doing at the behest of someone else. To prove Pakistan a failed state. Perhaps the next target, for hegemonic powers, is Pakistan. But this country is not and isolated entity like Iraq and Afghanistan. They can’t attack it, for it has, ready to fire nukes. If they try to control the nukes, there might be a horrible backlash against their interests. Only way is to bring its leadership to knees, paralyze its economy and then bargain for nuclear surrender! But Americans ought to know one thing, that their relentlessly bonapartist designs will only put nails in the coffin of the great American empire! But I think now the handful of influential Zionists don’t even want to protect the interests of the American people. Its all about getting rid of their worst night mares, even if it is at the expense of American strategic and financial strength. And this global financial meltdown could have been a blessing in disguise for us, for the major exploitative forces are busy in setting their own house in order, we could have bought this time to strengthen our position. Our trusted friends even like China and a few Arab countries are not ready to lend us a full helping hand, just because of untrustworthy record of our political leadership. Problem lies with us, and solution also to be found by us. We have to stop being the prisoners of our own fears. Be honest, and show some character. I may not go into the details of our internal weaknesses, for they are just artificial and controllable, and too evident for all of us. God bless Pakistan !

  2. **The Real Terrorists**

    Indians accuse us of mayhem and carnage in their mainland, but what is the real picture, lets see:

    (1) Ajay Verma, a Karnatika resident and directly involved in bomb blast at Sialkot in which 7 people were killed, (2) Manoj Shastri alias Javed Khan, resident of Mumbai, wanted for killing of 14 Namazees at a Karachi Mosque, (3) Raju Mukherjee, resident of Calcutta, wanted for bomb blast in Lahore in which 9 people were killed, (4) Mr. Bal Thackeray, resident of Bombay, Chief of Shiv Sena, wanted for organizing at least three major massacres in Pakistan in which some 33 people were killed and a highly active in organizing ethnic and sectarian clashes in different parts of Pakistan, (5) Vivek Khattri alias Kaala Pathaan, resident of Maharashtra, wanted for at least four bomb blasts in which over seventeen people were killed, (6) Ashok Vidyarthi alias Aslam resident of Ajmair Sharif, wanted for sniper shooting at an Imam baargah in Karachi, killing some 14 Shias, (7) Rajan Nikhalje alias Chhota Rajan, wanted for a number of terrorist attacks in different cities of Pakistan including a bomb blast in Sabzi Mandi Islamabad and a bomb blast in Quetta. Chhota Rajan is now launching terrorist operations in Pakistan from Indian Missions in Kandahar and Jalalabad (Afghanistan) and is head of RAW’s organized Crimes Wing or Special Operations Division (SOD), he is also wanted for killing of Chinese Engineers in Baluchistan and organizing the murder of some Chinese workers near Peshawar (8) Asotosh Srivastava alias Maulvi Nazir alias Mulla, resident of Alahabad, wanted for firing on an imambargah in which 9 people were killed, (9) Ashok Dube alias Shah Jee, resident of Gandhi Nagar (New Delhi), wanted for killing some 11 Namazees in a Lahore Mosque, (10) Sanjive Joshi, resident of Bombay, wanted for comprehensive assistance in terror attack on a Christian Mission School near Murree, (11) Ramparkash alias Ranu alias Ali, resident of Hyderabad Daccan, wanted for terror attack on a Christian Hospital in Taxila (he is also identified as a graduate of Hindutva Brotherhood’s terror training camp, located near Sarojini Nagar), (12) Ramesh Verma, resident of Pune, wanted for terror attack in Sheikhupura, killing 7 innocent citizens (13) Bihari Mishra, wanted for organizing a number of terror attacks in Pakistan through his terrorists of Hindutva Brotherhood’s terrorist school, (14) Manoj Kulkarni, resident of Colkata, wanted for terror attack in Attok , killing 17, (15) Venkatash Raghwan, resident of Mahablaishwar, wanted for terror attacks in Rawalpindi, killing some 9 people, (16) Ajit Sahay, a former RAW Deputy Director, now attached with Chotta Rajan, wanted for organizing attack in Hyderabad (Sindh), (17) Ashok Vohra alias Nepali, wanted for printing fake Pakistani currency and spreading it worldwide, particularly in Nepal, UAE and UK and also organizing a terror attack in Gujranwala in which 8 people were killed, (18) Vijay Kapali alias Guru, resident of Maharashtra, wanted for terror attack on an AJK village, killing 13 of a family. He is also working for RAW’s cross border operations wing, (19) Vivek Santoshi, resident of Calcutta, wanted for organizing terror attack on some US citizens and killing them in Karachi, (20) Mohandas Sharma, resident of Patna, wanted for planning and executing terror attacks on foreign nationals in Pakistan at least on three occasions, (21) Ramgopal Soorati, resident of Soorat, wanted for terror attack in Jhelum, killing 9 through a bus blast on the highway, (22) Rakesh alias Kalia, resident of Bombay, wanted for terror attack in Kasur, (23) Parkash Santoshi, resident of Lucknow, wanted for terror attack on a religious gathering in Lahore, (24) Aman Verma alias Pappoo alias Gulloo, resident of Aagra, wanted for terror attack in Peshawar in which 11 people were killed, (25 Mohinder Parkash alias Yasin Khan alias Riaz Chitta, resident of Lucknow, wanted for organizing terror attacks in different parts of Sindh, (26) Ashish Jaithlee alias Shaikh alias Osama, resident of Bombay downtown, wanted for providing explosives to the terrorists who killed French engineers in Karachi and also to those who carried out Marriot bombing, these explosives were provided through Pak-Afghan border (27) Manohar Laal alias Peer Jee alias Ubu Khalid, resident of Gohaati, wanted for providing explosive devices for attack on Foreign Mission building in Karachi, (28) Ramnarayan alias Mufti, resident of New Delhi, wanted for providing huge consignments
    Of automatic weapons to activists of banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and banned Lashkar-e-Tayyaba (29) Arun Shetty, resident of Bombay and wanted for bulk infiltration of explosives, arms and ammunition into Pakistan, (30) Nikhanj Laal, resident of Hurryana, wanted for terror attack in border city of Narowaal, killing seven people, (31) Sunil Verma alias Httyara, resident of Maharashtra, wanted for organizing terror attack on Daily the Nation’s office n Karachi, (32) Ashish Chowan, resident of New Delhi, wanted for supply of arms and assisting latest terror attacks in Quetta. Ashish is presently reported to be present in Indian Consulate of Kandahaar (Afghanistan), (33) Babloo Srivastva of Chhota Rajan gang for providing highly sophisticated weapons to a sectarian outfit in Pakistan and assisting in missile attacks on UN offices in Islamabad in year 2000, (34) Suresh, alias Aamir alias Akbar Khan wanted for providing weapons and explosives to militants in Wana and North Waziristan through Afghanistan and (35) Abu Bakkar, wanted for a number of terror attack in different parts of the country and now living in India with a new identification under the blessings of Indian spy agency RAW.

    Courtesy: The News & Daily Mail (UK)

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