Don’t test our patience!

A PakistanKaKhudaHafiz Report

Further to the incident yesterday where IAF jets entered Pakistan’s airspace, they would be well advised to think twice before they dare to make such a ‘mistake’ again. PAF doesn’t f**k around.


Indian resources have naturally refuted and denied PAF air superiority over the FIVE times larger IAF in the 65 and 71 wars. Indian and Pakistani claims and counter claims are pointless on this subject as they tend to be biased and blurred with nationalism. The only way to assess this is through the neutral and qualified international opinion, which has now become aviation history: 

An article in the May 1993 issue (pages 46-47) of Airforces Monthly, a reputable UK-based air defence magazine, written by a Russian aviation writer, Sergey Vekhov, for the first time in public, provided a first-hand account about the PAF’s pilots:

“As an air defence analyst, I am fully aware that the Pakistan Air Force ranks today as one of the best air forces in the world and that the PAF Combat Commanders’ School (CCS) in Sargodha has been ranked as the best GCI/pilot and fighter tactics and weapons school in the world”. As one senior US defence analyst commented to me in 1992, “It leaves Topgun (the US Naval Air Station in Miramar, California) far behind”.

Article in the May 1993 issue (pages 46-47 by Sergey Vekhov)

We have been able to put together a collection of quotes by various international observers on the abilities of Pakistan Air Force, and their history of dominance over the IAF.

If this doesn’t fill you with pride, nothing will:

Courtesy: Dan Qayyum


Pakistan has always had the honor of being the peaceful one of the lot. Most of the time when Indian soldiers, and Indian Jet Fighters are lost and “accidentally” step into Pakistan territory, our Army takes them by the finger and leads them back into their own territory. Just like you would help a blind man cross the road. Today Indians, after being patted by the West every now and then, have mistakenly “assumed” that they are finally ready to attack and conquer Pakistan. However, my dear Indian friends, the case is not so. We are already bruised. If we are further evoked, the consequences might be injurious to your health and definitely fatal to your bloody Airforce. So take this as a loud and clear message: BACK OFF! or we’ll rip you apart.

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  1. Riyaaz Ahmed Says:

    Your country is running on IMDAD you moron.. stand in your feet and then start comparing yourself with others. Stop your rant .. looks laughable.

    • pakistanization Says:

      Ah, finally some criticism! Glad to know our country’s running on “IMDAAD” or “Foreign Aid”. My dear, in case you were unaware, even the self-proclaimed super power United States of Anarchists as i call it, is running on Aid. Yes, there are two forms of Aid, legitimate and illegitimate. If it weren’t from the wide range of earnings that the US makes from our fellow Muslim nations like the filthy oil-rich countries of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and not to mention the rather controversially occupied Iraq (who’s oil wealth is being STOLEN by the thugs in the Bush Administration), US Economy would have crashed many years ago. Anyways, I don’t know what country YOU come from Mr. Riyaaz, but believe me the USA itself is today injecting US$ 700 Billion to keep its financial structure from taking any more plunges. Plus, it has requested the oil-rich countries for an additional package of US$ 300 Billion to sustain its automotive and other industries. This my dear Mr. Riyaaz in all the dictionaries of the world, is known as AID, or as you termed it, “Imdaad”.

      Your comments are laudable. We need more fellow citizens like you to bring up the morale of the nation. And as far as standing up on our feet is concerned, let the world put us to test, insha’ALLAH we won’t let our beloved nation down. We are fully prepared for come whatever may. After ALLAH we have complete faith in our armed forces in terms of defence capabilities.

      Laugh all you can brother. I’m excited to learn we have some personnel who can afford to laugh at this crucial juncture.



  2. dears
    thanks i love my FORCES. I hate our CORRUPT POLITICIANS,
    S . Amir Raza Zaidi

  3. Riyaaz Ahmed, you have got your answer, i wont go into more details but all i know Indian Muslims are jealous from Paki muslims that we live in free country. when some thing happens to indian muslims our hearts still cry for your pain.

  4. robinson aussiee Says:

    pakistani airforce….lol…………
    no matter how officially u try to write and justify ur internal regretfull feelings towards ur so called army or airforce lol.. but whole world knows where ur pakistan stands today… terrorist are flying ur socalled top gun or defective guns and yes at ur world famous airforce training base everyone knows what thet teach lol… jihad…….right…….
    anywys feelpity on u paki s and ur poor country.
    About india all i can say is asian regional power….lol

    • pakistanization Says:

      Dear Robinson,

      Glad to hear you know so much about Pakistan Army and Airforce. Why don’t you come down to Pakistan and join our Army to further improve it?

      I doubt your knowledge about the Indian army though. Have you ever been to India? or are you an ABCD? as in Australian Born Confused Desi? Good to know Indians in Australia know so much about India AND Pakistan.

  5. Dear Friend,

    This is not about who is superior, It is about who is doing the right thing.

    Please don’t write inflammatory articles, esp. during times of tension.

    Lets try to live a decent life.


    • pakistanization Says:

      Dear Rajha,

      Appreciate your comments. These aren’t exactly inflammatory articles my friend. We’re just responding to Indian propaganda. Previously our silence was being mistaken as our weakness. Additionally, if it hadn’t been for Pakistani nation’s courageous pressure on our Govt., our Govt. would not have responded to the false allegations levelled against our people, our army and our state as a whole by the Indian journalists, ministers and politicians. We are simply here to clear Pakistan’s stance. It might sound rude/bitter to people from India, but believe me we’ve done no damage to India compared to what your media and people have done collectively to the image of Pakistan.


  6. robinson aussiee Says:

    There is no harm for people of pakistan in justifying their country, even when it is wrong.
    Pakistan, a country with enough capability of military( as pakistanis says) cannot afford to eradiacte terrorists from its afgan border in its territory ( as whole world knows) & challenge powers like india to fight. thats the only difference in these 2 countries. india & pakistan both knows that it wont take long for india to defeat & capture pakistan in couple of days time but india knows its future projections . time is not far when we hit the global power target..engaging in fight with pakistan is big waste of money & yes energy & may be some infrastructure damage.
    you must start a website in which people of pakistan must start protesting that govt should invest in civilians & poor needy people more rather than buying some missiles or gun …..
    always remember one tank or missile cost thousands of poeple in pak who sleep without food or lives uneducatedly & india realised it long long time back. last thing countries like india has thousands & thousands of those missiles to destroy those (some) tanks bought in pak on cost of peoples poverty
    india is emerging out of poverty & pak in digging deep into it…..
    ur airforce (few planes) will jot provide food to ur future generations when ur internal security infrastucture is running on deep deep corruption,

    today situation of pak is like us , uk australia , russia , india .. all thinks ISI & army in itself are terroist organisations
    good luck

  7. Rob –

    As long as your rulers keep dreaming of Akhand Bharat, Pakistan has no option but to ensure its defence is strong. The Pakistani people would gladly live on grass if it came to that, rather than live under Hindu rule (direct or indirect, hardly makes a difference). As for poverty, you probably haven’t visited India recently. The worlds largest slum population, the worlds largest number of homeless, over half the children in india are malnourished, you have the biggest number of malnourished people than the rest of the world combined and that includes Africa, over 80% of Indians have to survive on less than $2 a day. Add to that the routine genocide against christians, dalits, muslims, and basically anyone who’s not a higher caste hindu, plus the soaring sexual assault rates, the 128 insurgent / militant groups based in India who WILL tear India apart when the time is right, and yes you’re right, India is indeed shining.

    Have a look at:

    We may have problems but they’re all recent issues that have arisen due to the geopolitical situation in the region and the wars being fought around us – we’ll deal with them Inshallah.

  8. India is today a so called successfull nation because it is not a muslim state. The day Pakistan was created we all knew that we will have to face difficult challeneges for the rest of our lives because we have a neighbour as evil as India, supported by the Dad of evils the United States of Anarchists and ofcourse the Grand Dad, Israel. Pakistan has been in a war ever since 1947 and we are not scared. If anything like Mumbai carnage happened on streets of Karachi then our youths would have been the first one there to eliminate all the terrorist. It took 9 hours for indian commandos to get to the scene 14 hours to plan the assault and a total 60 hours to eliminate 10 people. Its funny to see that 10 people gave indian police, army and commandos a run for their money. If you do escalate a war on us then our 600,000 armed forces and millions of youth will give you a mother of all wars. Muslims are peaceful neighbours but when provoked we can be the worst nightmare.
    May peace and happiness prevail! Ameen

  9. robinson aussiee Says:

    hi princefino,

    wow, i loved what u said, for 10 people it took 60 hrs for indian army to kill them & for 600000 army of pak wil take dont know how much…. absolutely right , but u know what… those 10 people (world) call them terroist & yes ur 60000 army is also no wonder a combination of different terroist groups. hah lol… think before u guys comment..

    & yes 10 people made 160 hostages in building.. to kill 10 people & to save 160 hostages at same time is a matter of mind & power , not like pakistani youth that take a stone & start throwing. comeon…dumbosssss…
    fighting face to face & fighting making hostage are 2 different things looks like fighting while making hostages are what u all are expert in.. right. well anyways whole world knows this..
    about all out war betweenhese t2 countries hahahaha , u know what will happen to ur deadly army & ur dead pakistan…….
    u know what is the most funniest part of ur country is ur media…. they knows what the truth is, but are they bold enough to write or publish the hell happening in pakistan because they also know if they wrtie anything anyone ( i mean terroirist) from ur country will kill them…
    even if india only talks about war withut troops movement whole pakistan terrorist or army(whatever) comes at border ….its funny…..we in australia laughs at this much scary feeling of pakistan……
    child is always child , dont try to mess with dad because if dad really gets upset ur all aggrestions will be finished in weeks time.& yes u all knows this deep inside…..
    have a nice year to come……. pray india will feel pitty on pakistan…

    • pakistanization Says:

      Hey there Robinson Crusoe,

      You laugh more and you think less. Your comments are quite evident of that. Maybe you need to come back to India to learn a couple of ground realities son.

      Our army of 600,000 isn’t forcefully occupying any piece of land. However the world is a witness to the forced occupation of Jammu and Kashmir region by 750,000 Indian troops. You need to quit marijuana to learn that Indian Army is the only Govt. financed Terrorist force in the world. Indian Taxpayers’ money is used to occupy a land of innocent people who demand nothing except independence. Have all the Indians lost shame or is it only their Govt. that is shameless?

      You are right when you say our army is “deadly”. God forgive India if it goes to war with Pakistan. Our Army will not only prove to be fatal for India but will also be “deadly” in response to Indian aggression.

      Indians need not forget that they are not Americans.

      Don’t pity us, pity the Indians that live in India. Your arrogance after living in Australia has rendered you paranoid. Read through this article that i’ve posted for specifically confused Indians like yourself:



  10. robinson aussiee Says:

    hey paki zation…….

    comeon stop it now . india occupied kashmir …. actually pakistan was also india ,…. ask your granddad lol………he will tell u may be during his young age he also shouted .. britisher leave our country & yes that country was india….. hahah…
    funny u guys .. always our army .. our army…. god … hey buddy this is not being proud.. these are scary feelingsss… which we well understand…. & yes feel pity as well.. u guys are just like afganis & iraqis… “come attack us we will show u our force ” & now we see there force… hahahaha

    & yes ur website is dedictaed to anti india website… thats what ur media is expert & thats why u babies are like that… no wonder….

    dont mess again because i well understand that any further mumbai attacks well leave u all desert ….. hey pakization i wont wonder u can be the one.. planning next mumbaiisss…. hahahaha.. dont even try this time if u want to feel proud on handful soilders / terroist …..
    good luck

  11. It is in the interest of both India and Paistan to live in peace and harmony, as equally and mutually respected nations. But perhaps friends on the Indian side of the border don’t want to. Pakistan has been asking quite unequivocally for the evidence against the terrorists who carried out Mumbai attacks. Your own FM says, “instead of asking for evidence from India, act without that!”. Isn’t it a sitcom?

    And a lot of our Indian friends think their mighty Indian armed forces are much superior to limited Pakistani military resources, both in men and material. Well if Pakistan doesn’t have all the mlitary and human capital to fight against India and on that Pakistan is also considered as an epicentre of terrorism, then why don’t you attack Pakistan? You people are after all a superpower, and Pakistan(in your opinion) a failed state. In the presence of these favourable inputs, Pakistan should be quite an easy a walkover for you people. Isn’t it? I say come on! We are ready! Attack Pakistan! A superpower needs no licence or approval from anybody to defend itself agaist its foes, like the US did against Afghanistan and Russia against Georgia.

    Followers of Sangh Pariwar have been involved in killing of many innocent muslims, including Pakistanis; what about them? Will you hand them over to Pakistan? Esp Col Prohit. You guys killed your own anti terrorist squad chief to save the ugly faces of your Political and Armed Forces bigwigs.
    Get some life and put your own house in order! These slogans of “Greater India” and “jayyy Hind” are not going to help you . Grow up!

  12. We have been living in peace and harmony but since Pakistan’s creation India has been itching to destabilize it. Well, we have survived soo far and Allah willing we will survive forever…..

  13. robinson aussiee Says:

    hi friends..

    today i listened comeon attack us….wait…..
    plan u guys other terror attack……. then see this superpower…..

    your dream will come true… then sing a song… a desert called pakistan….

    • pakistanization Says:

      Hey Rob,

      We don’t need to plan any attacks on India, India will self-destruct in a couple of years. The recent bombings in Assam were just the beginning of that… Are you gonna blame this too on Pakistan RobinHood? Your fairy tales are really interesting… keep posting those. We’re short of humor on this blog… And you’re a nice comedian. 🙂 I’m obliged. Thanks for the free service mate.

    • hi rob, u indian ppl are so much confused that if there is any unexpected birth in india u think someone pakistani is involved in this. 1st of all take your responsibilities yourself then think about us. its ur wrong thinking that we ll plan to attack we just want peace so clear ur mind and think +ly. best of luck.

  14. robinson aussiee Says:

    hey pakistanization….

    actually u know what… humor is in this website.. poking u guys is great… like always.. u just blast ////// thats the most funniest part….
    As i said u just blast , it HAS DOUBLE MEANING…


  15. robinson aussiee Says:

    hey paki…

    where did u get this funny wordpress. didu made this webbsite or any of ur collegue terrorist….
    anything is possible in pakistan other than peace or peaceful life of pakistan.
    like govt like people….. never stay on same topic.. if no answers….only reply is … different topic……
    u guys need physco therepy, come to australia there are many doctors here… but please dont make hostages or terror attacks.. i mean dont show ur specialities…
    hey paki…. u replies are really boring & idiotic…..

    anyone in room to talk as i am testing ur patience….

  16. Proud Hindustani Says:

    Hi all Pakistanis’,

    Good to know you all here ? Heard of Gen Niazi ?? 🙂 I dont need to say anything more right ?? Always remember Bangladesh !!

    Next you talking about Indian Muslims !! You called them Muhajir mussalman (Urdu: مہاجر) or refugees..right ??? You live in a country where Taliban rules…and you are talking about Musalman in india ?? we had a Muslim president even…Dont try to play the musalmani game in terms of religion…it shows how big a losers you are….

    Dont try to think about India even…We general people dont even think of Pakistan as a nation…You are reading this and I am :-)….Be a nation first, stand tall, behave, otherwise you all will remain a bunch of losers!!

    An aussiee even knows what type of public you are…I dont want to use any other terms for you all…You dont deserves it as well…

    Chillax man…:-)

  17. Welcome to our blog Hindustani. Just like you claim to be “Proud Hindustani”, there’re even prouder people on this side of the border. The only difference is, we’re more realistic unlike you guys, who’re born with a bias. You ask us to behave and stand tall? Boy we’re standing way taller than India could ever stand, and we’ve always behaved according to our own instincts.

    Yes, we haven’t 4gotten Bangladesh, nor do we intend to. What happened in Bangladesh is a separate story all together. Traitors are on both sides.

    We broke once, and we’ve learned. Its your turn now, so buckle up. Its gonna be a rough ride. Also, we in Pakistan DO understand the sheer humiliation and disgrace that the Indian people are facing at the impotent response of their Govt. towards Pakistan as allegedly the terrorist attack was by Pakistan, and yet they haven’t been able to react. Its alright, we understand your pain and frustration. Whenever you feel like Indians can no longer live in pride, you’re more than welcome to come and live in Pakistan. Also, its ok, every loser thinks that the rest of the world is a loser like him/her. I can understand your feelings. Nevermind. You’ll be fine 3 months from now as soon as BJP Govt. takes over after Congress.

    Also, we DARE INDIA to take a step into Pakistani territory. I’m daring you here on this blog; And our Army has dared you on the border. If India’s got a single MAN in its existing Govt., and proud enough as it claims to be, India should attack Pakistan. Bring it ON! and remember, if you don’t, then next time be careful who you call a loser Hindu boy.

  18. Mongol Descendent Says:

    @ Proud Hindustani,

    dude, you ppl aren’t even worth fighting against!

    Last i heard IAF was having difficulties in having pilots, as indian ppl are scared of flying the FLYING COFFINS. 🙂

    i guess new SU 30s couldn’t build the confidence of flying in you ppl. 🙂

    Basically, Hindus are cowards by birth. they never had the guts to be straight forward. they always try to find someone to blame. as your existing government. 🙂
    You ppl don’t have balls to attack us in first place. regardless of technology, you ppl don’t have intuitions and you lack the will power.

    You ppl are only good in Entertainment sector. thats all 🙂 so keep it going… keep on making good movies to entertain us. thats all you ppl are good at … hehehehehehe…

    Awwwww… Don’t take it to heart… BE a MAN and take it like one!

    • Proud Indian Says:

      Hi Mongol descendant, this is the big problem with Pakistan Muslims they always boast of them as courageous, whole world know that so call 90,000 Pakistani army surrendered in front of Indian army, if Pakistan had ball then why they did not die rather then surrendering, 90,000 Muslim couldn’t die as they claim they will die rather then surrendering against Hindus, and dude don’t take about we having balls becoz the day we loose our temper and dropped one nuke u all are gonna wipe out. then there will no one to talk about balls, it is my bad luck that i never got you kind of people to knock off otherwise i shud have showed you the hindu guts.


  19. hot_hunk2700 Says:

    I do not understand why r we taking bullshit . Every one got right be proud on there country. Attack on the Mumbai was a sign of cowrdness by some one (Now Pak Govt accepts that they were pakistani). We all know that result of any war is not good.

    In both contries there are lot of currrupt politicians. 1st we should try to remove them and then develop our nation by educating every one.

    But there is LIMIT , please do not cross that.

    Some one in this blog said hindus are cowrds, I think he do not know them properly. They are intelingent and they think of the future and want to live in peace. They do not loose their temper. Be sure if war start this time this will be last one, because we really want to live in peace. We will make sure there is peace for ever. So please stop talking bullshit (We know that we are not superpwer)

  20. Mongol Descendent Says:

    🙂 I am the one saying Hindus are cowards, and I can prove that!!! Do let me know if you want me to.

    Please go through the blog and look at some of the posts by your countrymates. My post was in response to those who think they can write watever they want about other people.

    Dude, i’ve lived with Indians in the States for few years. They are remarkable people. i personally like them. But some sh*theads like those who have written here in the comments section of blog who know nothing of humanity start saying things that they know nothing of. These things can piss off anyone 🙂

    Logically speaking India has alot more to lose than Pakistan. Thats why they were planning on surgical strikes rather than full-scale war. But our COAS didn’t allow it. And thats wat ignited the situation. India can’t afford a war with Pakistan, and that is a FACT.

    What pisses us off is Indian media and statements from Indian Govt. If they can’t do anything, they should STOP shouting. Thats all I ask for. Cause everyone knows Indian Govt. is helpless and now alone in International Community.

    Somewhere some Indian wrote that if Israel can attack on Gaza then India can attack on Pakistan. 🙂 how stupid is that!? Seriously yaar… how illogical is that. Are you comparing a Nuclear Power with Gaza. 🙂 now this is some BULLSHIT.

    These two enemies need to find a common ground before the world recession pushes us back. Thats my conclusion.


  21. I really don’t know what the real problem is, I guess EGO.

    Pakistan was and will always be a part of INDIA in our hearts…Just that it pains to see that the economic Boom has really not lifted our brothers up.. Frankly speaking the majority of Indians want Pakistan to be a successful nation. You know what that will truly make us ( IND and PAK) the only superpower., and once again proving that the INDUS valley civilization has
    come out on top….I rest my case

  22. Dear Hindus,

    I know one thing…..”one who will be alive will see…what happens”…..(Famous saying by Yousuf Bin Tashfeen;muslim commander who attacked spain, in the response of Alfanso’s letter; a ruler of old Spain).

    secondly, although I am an engineer, but if time came, I will be in battlefield with my fellow soldiers and mujahideen, from ALL OVER THE WORLD; AGAINST iNDIA….so be patient! Yes….if u people want to make plots against Pakistan go ahead…and put whole of ur energy and enthusiasm in it….collect appropriate resources….gather all of ur friends… concentrated…. we love the people giving us tough times… we trust….only india and israel combined…are….a perfect match for us.


  23. This article is made by pakis and hence highly biased.
    if u want to know why indian forces are far superior, mail me or conduct a search urself.

    • pakistanization Says:

      Dear Nikhil,

      Yes this article is “made in Pakistan”. Not at all biased though.

      Indian forces are far superior in terms of technology and weapons, we agree.

      but what about Indian Soldiers? Do you really think they’re upto the mark to face Pakistani forces? If yes, then our answer is why hasn’t India attacked Pakistan yet? What is it waiting for? For USA and Israel to come and help it?

  24. dear pakistanization,

    did it ever occur to you that India is not attacking bcos it is under pressure from the international community to exercise restraint? just like u r under pressure to crack down on terror groups?

    did u know that the same thing happened in Kargil, the indian army was ordered (against their will) to stop at LOC? Did u know that so many times Indian army was baying for pakistani blood but unfortunately the civilian govt has a leash on them?

    If u fancy that the Indian army is a shade inferior to ur’s, mail me at and I will show u the shocking reality.(using international sources)

    • pakistanization Says:

      Yeah, India is refraining due to International pressure. I agree!

      By the way, ever heard a Pakistani soldier commit suicide? Well, first you need to search the “international sources” on the number of Indian soldiers’ suicides…

      I stand by my claim that Pakistani soldiers are far more superior to Indian soldiers. Should a war break out, our claims will require no further evidence.

  25. “Pakistani soldiers are far more superior to Indian soldiers. Should a war break out, our claims will require no further evidence.”

    in that case, from the previous wars what do u infer considering that pak hasn’t won a single war?

  26. there is a false perception among pakistanis that their army is better than Indian army. This contributed to their failure in achieving goals in 65 war.

    read this . very interesting:

  27. Mr. Baig Says:

    Dear Nikhil,

    Check this Video:

    This proves that your army can only participate in Bollywood films and Dance Competitions, not in WARS.

  28. Hello Pakistanization,

    As you’ve agreed that india is superior in military technology I would like to say yes they are and also by the way they are trained too. After all many foreign military personnel come to India to train in schools like Counter Insurgency Jungle Warfare School(CIJWS).

    PAkistan’s present situation can’t be blamed though at the people of Pakistan and not even to a certain level the politicians. Few have tried hard but the problem lies in the origin of Pakistan. Pakistan had a bad start as Jinnah died of cancer and left the country in a political vacuum and Nehru in the meanwhile ruled for long. If Nehru would have died trust me there would have been more chaos in India than Pakistan ever had considering it’s vast population and ethnic/cultural diversity.

    Joshua M Smith

  29. what theme(stylesheet) is this?

  30. Tahir Rana you all are terrorists. Why don’t you follow your dreams about spreading Islamic Radicalsim all over the world then. YOur Mujahideen, Taliban are just a rager group nothing else. (although i have heard cases of these groups) and are totally great followers of so-called Islamic law. Well you better know that you are misinterpreting the Koran.

  31. Hey Nikhil the only shocking truth is that despite being ten times smaller Pakistanis have never been afraid of India/ns.Fact is despite being given no chance to survive at the time of seperation Pakistan continues to breath 60 years after it’s birth!.India has and always will be obsessed with Pakistan but we don’t care what you think!.If you Indians claim that Pakistan was once a part of your nation then i insist that India was once an integral part of Pakistan!!!.Keep this Akhand Bharat fantasy come nonsense too yourself!!

    Talk is cheap pal but independent resources often insist that Pak forces are better trained then your guys like you can see the quote above by Sergey Vekhov a non Pakistani/Indian.Granted that the Taliban do not represent majority Muslim views but the BJP are no angels either so lets see you lot condemn them!.The whole world saw how ten terrorists held entire Mumbai to hostage whilst your soldiers where running around like stray dogs!.Afterwards the Israeli armed forces gave a damning verdict on how disorganised,unprofessional and poorly trained your soldiers are so what will a professional Pakistani army do to them!!?

    Don’t talk but if you want to fight then bring it on and we’ll kick your ass nice and hard!

  32. Nationalism gets the better of people so all sides claim victory after every war but the fact is that Pakistan is still standing as a nuclear power that greatly irratates Indians.Our ancestors were responsible for dividing India then we liberated part of Kashmir though lost one part of our country that became Bangladesh.

    In the 1971 war it was next to impossible to defend two borders as they were still even today when an Indian thinks of Bangladesh they can’t help but grit their teeth at Pakistan for obviously without Pak there would have been no Bangladesh either!

    When you believe in something like Jinnah did in Pakistan then you have to go with your instincts so i salute him for not bowing down to Gandhi’s emotional blackmail.He was a man who did what he had to do though we’re going through difficult times,if i was alive those years back i would have supported the Pakistani movement.

    India has been trying hard to destabalise Pakistan through Balochistan but it’s plans have always failed and been exposed.It’s also creating trouble in the Frontier region but that will come to nothing because Pakistan is much stronger then what the Indians believe!.

    A final Indo-Pak battle in inevatible after which one side will be clearly victorious without a shadow of a doubt.I will never accept that Indian soldiers who couldn’t take control of a few terrorists in Mumabi for three days are superior to Pakistanis.Three times smaller in numbers credit goes to us for not accepting Indian imperialistic designs in the region.Our armed forces are well capable of defending the land come what may.

  33. Dear pakistani brother just wait only 3 to 5 year U r country automatically will turned into taliban stan. just wait & watch
    Dont worry without any war with india it will occured very soon DEar
    then U Write me where R u live pakistan or TALIBANSTAN

  34. @gyana

    And you Indians will sign peace deal with taliban, you are next one going down! They are coming for elections Best of Luck!

  35. hey gyana let it be these fools wil never undrstnd the depth of the situation……..all my pakistani brothers even u know the fact that pakistan is in a big turmoil,bloody terrorists are 100kms away frm islamabad it wont b late b4 it becomes talibanistan…… my humble request is that look after your own country & we will look after ours(even we have our own set of problems)…….thers no point discussing whose superior & whose not…..if war takes place human beings will die u idiots its not a videogame…..USA on 1 hand sells F16s to u & nuclear fuel to us USA is profiting n prospering that is what it has done for decades…….trust me i m a big fan of ur paki cricketers,singers n many othr things but thats der my frnds…….10 terrorists came here killed 185 unarmed civilians including women & children now u tell me does islam teach to kill innocent lives what was their fault…….thers proof that ur ur ISI n army officials r funding many of these terrorist groups……..IF ur govt n army is so superior n proffesional y doesnt it come out in open n help our cause but no how can they help………hatred my paki friends is very easy to spread it but it takes efforts to win hearts…….after 26/11 ther is big hate emotion against ur state over here its natural to get carried away but ther r still mature ppl lyk me who still hope tht our 2 countries can co exist with full peace n i believe many on ur side must be feelin the same……..i m an eternal optimistic who wil inshallah love to c our 2 countries reign the world together

  36. all u guys feel its so easy talking about war n superiority lol……..arre ek soldier bhi aakhir insaan hai…..even he has wife,children y dnt v all think abut them…..sum few yrs back i was full of anti pakistan sentiment but trust me i dunno sumwer i feel its all bullshit i m ready to spread feelin of compassion wid u all no matter how much ever u hate me…..comeon v r the young generation all v need is a change in attitude… me its easy to abuse each othrs nations n criticise each othr in all aspects but wer is it taking us….the only animals who wil benefit frm these r those terrorists who r minting money in the name of jihad…….i m a hindu guys even i knw wat true jihad means…it means killing the devil within u………v all have to rise up….v r in in 21st century guys rest of the world is progressing day by day n v shudnt b left behind fighting each othr its all nonsense……..v now have to think beyond borders coz they r man made,religion coz even that is manmade…..ther r unresolved issues fine if v r determined they wil get solved 1 day……lets break the vicious cycle n shake hands n walk together ther r many common issues poverty,ill literacy etc which can b solved only if v come together….jai hind aur jai pakistan always.

  37. frankly all my friends from pakistan who agree wid wat i said pls come forward i m open 4 debate but ther shud b no nonsense comments pls share ur personal views on how to make our subcontinent a safer place 4 our future generations

  38. Akhil Anand Says:

    pakistan has asked for the rest of the world to save them. nothing can be worse than that.

    The Indian Army, Navy and Air Force are far superior as compared to the pakistani armed forces. India has proved that innumerable times in the past and will do so again if need be.

    Keep your comments to yourself. Talk only when you have concrete proof that Pakistan is superior to India. India has left pakistan far behind a long long time ago and I do have substantial proof to second that.

    Its not like this pakistanization guy or whatever his name is has any power in his hands. He’s probably just some frustrated kid who has developed a hatred for India because of the people around him.

    Fly down to india someday son and give me a call. We can sort this out face to face then.

    • pakistanization Says:

      Dear Mr. Anand,

      Appreciate your comments.

      Pakistan hasn’t asked for the world’s help, however, its present ruling coalition, which is a bunch of nasty bastards like Zardari, is committed to getting Dollars and Pounds out of whoever they can, in the name of Pakistan – however, that money never reaches the people, goes into the pockets of corrupt politicians. Let me assure you, Pakistan as a nation does not need foreign support, we are self-saturate in every way. So please don’t get the wrong impression if our CIA-appointed rulers go around begging for aid. Its not for the nation, its for themselves.

      Secondly, in no way does the post imply that PAF is superior to the IAF fleet-wise or technology-wise. We know for a fact that India has better backing in terms of technology from the West and Israel doesn’t mind supporting India in any way. However, what we’ve tried to say in this article is that PAF has the guts to turn the game if at any point IAF decides to attack Pakistan.

      In case you did not know, one PAF pilot made a world record that is unbeaten to date since 1965!

      M.M. Alam shot down 6 Indian Jets in less than 60 seconds. And this is not a false claim. You might be better off in technology and might, but you cannot match the valour and courage of our men. And this is probably the only reason that to this day India sits and watches Pakistan and does not dare to attack it.

      However, if India finally has gained the might, we’re ready to repel any attacks. That too is our guarantee.
      I can’t get a visa to India otherwise i’d definitely drop by. And by the way, the cellphone number you posted, does not work.

      I don’t hate India. I just LOVE Pakistan.

      I don’t mind Indian people. I just disapprove of your Govt.’s hostile policies towards Pakistan. So don’t take anything personally. You have the right to Love India, similarly I have the right to love PAKISTAN.

      Cheers mate!

      • it might interset u to know that till the late 70s, PAF had much more superior equipment.

        also pakistanis are brought up in an anti india atmosphere which also i can show u

      • also….. today IAF has established an almost perfect record of their professionalism, which also i can prove

  39. ‘that till the late 70s, PAF had much more superior equipment.’

    where did you get that from ? do you have any understanding of logic ? sure pakistan is a great country but even suffer when the US imposes sanctions on us , and india continues to buy soviet weapons and american weapons through isreal.

    Its the same kind of logic which lets indian get confused by their media and think ISI would send 12 pak nationals with PAK ID cards and then these daredevils go across the ocean on a speed boat , drink alcohol in bars and then find huge weapons stores in the hotel and have no demands through the mission

    oh an one of them got a job in the hotel before hand ??? is it that easy to get a job in the a country with 9.1% unemployment ?

  40. Abdallah Jan Says:

    I would not comment on any of above comments. But for sure I would mention the routing/defeat of superpowers that were mightier than the cow/monkey/elephant worshipers. Pathans routed so called Alexander the great. Pathans routed the British Empire. Pathans pushed the Indian forces from half of the Kashmir when Pakistan had nothing to fight with. Pathans routed the Soviet Empire, that broke into pieces. At the moment the present occupiers are looking for fast exit, even though they have NATO and Indian forces helping them. India has 23 terrorist recruiting consulate in Afghanistan whose sole purpose is to send Gorkhas terrorist dressed in Taliban outfit to create mischief and killings of innocent at FATA. How do we know this? When Pakistani military killed them, upon investigation, they found them to be uncircumcised. They also had Indian and USA brand weapons. Their turban style was different than Taliban. Just like Mumbai Terrorist had a yellow band on their hand which links them to India. Just like USA, India thinks that they can perform a false flag operation on Pakistan and get away with it, then I say that people fought the above empires with timid weapons and routed them because of ALLAH’S help. India is not even a close match than the above Empires.
    Pakistan does not need the armed forces numbers. It has 225 nukes pointing at every cities of India with a deliverable medium. Pakistan relies on help from ALLAH the CREATOR. And ALLAH does not like mischief makers. India is the worst nation on the earth. India kills 3 million female babies during and after pregnancies. 45-50 million Indian widows are forced into prostitution. Every 45 second a female child is kidnapped and sold as a child bride to older man or to multiple men of same family, due to engineered shortages of women. 30,000 young brides are burnt alive every year due to their inability to provide extra dowry to their husband family. Every 2 minute a hardworking farmer commits suicide due to moneylenders onslaught. Dalits and untouchables are abused and tortured. Minorities are killed on fake made up charges. Places of worship are destroyed.
    The prophet of Islam had this to say about Women. ‘ Best are the Nations that have the most women’ That makes India the worst Nation on the face of the Earth. For these reasons its destruction is already prophesied in the Sunnah of the Prophet.
    Muslims have always defied the odds, thanks to ALLAH (SWT). Muslims knows what I am talking about.
    India can armed itself to teeth, though I do not how since the economy is taking a nose dive, yet its destruction is inevitable. Muslims have simple belief, that when ALLAH wants to destroy something no power can save him. And if ALLAH wants to save somebody, no power on earth can destroy him.
    So collect all your snake, cow, monkey and elephant gods for help.

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