We’re READY, and we’re SERIOUS – says General Kiyani

General Rtd. Aslam Baig has said that US General Mullen is pressing our authorities to allow India to hit certain targets, keeping silent and indifferent to the situation as they have been doing in case of US drone attacks, which he believes, will cool down India and diffuse tensions between the two countries.

“I don’t think that conscientious Pakistani nation and brave armed forces of Pakistan will accept such a situation. This will be shameful and render Pakistan’s submission to India,” the retired General said. 

He called upon the rulers to explain their position in this regard. He said that the US was after ridiculing the sovereignty of Pakistan only to please India and Mullen had come with a dangerous message.


UPDATE: Reports coming in from variuos sources suggest that COAS Gen. Kiyani made it clear yesterday that regardless of how the civilan government chooses to respond to the US request to allow Indian ‘surgical strikes’, Pakistan Army will not accept any Indian intrusion. The scrambling of jets over Lahore and Islamabad yesterday was part of this and the armed forces are alert and ready to defend against any Indian action.

Kiyani is also said to have told US Michael Mullen that in event of any aggression from India, the US and NATO can ‘forget about’ using Pakistan territory to supply their forces in Afghanistan as all resources will be diverted to defending against India on the eastern border.

“The armed forces are fully prepared to meet any eventuality, as his men are ready to sacrifice for their country,” General Kiyani told the Zardari Govt. yesterday in a meeting where he also stressed that any further buckling under mounting Indian pressure would prove counter-productive in the sense that it would further encourage New Delhi to build up pressure on Islamabad.

Pakistan would respond “within minutes” in the event of surgical strikes by India, he added.

Courtesy: PKKH

We started counting our days long time ago. But we didn’t know India would invite us to give a reason to take her down with us. Bravo India! Only to appease the 4% in Mumbai, you’re taking the rest of the 96% down by triggering the Pakistani nation – which has never taken pride in anything except in teaching the Hindu zionists a lesson. We’re ready to teach you the lesson once again, that you’ve forgotten in less than half a century.


In other words: Finally Master Yoda(Gen Kiyani) has responded to the verbal aggression of the Dark Lord(Hindu Zionist Military).

Master Yoda in his recent statement has said, and I quote: “a wrong direction the dark forces have taken. Teach them a lasting lesson, we will!”



5 Responses to “We’re READY, and we’re SERIOUS – says General Kiyani”

  1. Salam to Pak Army and Salam to those pilots of PAF who are ready 24/7 and they even know being as pilot means some time you dont come back. I agree Pak Army should teach a good lesson to these idiot Indian Politicians and Indian army who is getting help from Israel secret services. mind you they were failed recently against small nation like Lebanon, Israel a so called tough was forced to march back. So Inshallah this time even though pakistan is in very hard time from both sides (Afghanistan and India), Pak army is playing good cards to let Amercia know that we have defend our own country so who cares of your 20,000 troops in some body else land.

    Indian intelligence is so stupid cant even plan straight drama, just to kill Inspector Karkary they played this whole drama. He was about to disclose that who was behind in those bombings in Malegoan and in that Train (Samjhauta) between Indo Pak. He was killed with his two other colleagues who were found guilty some Huindu Terrorists including Indian Army Col in all these bombings. To shut him up they couldn’t force any Political pressure so they closed his chapter and presented him as a hero after killing him with his two other colleagues. Good one Indian now you dont have any reason to present to your nation to win election so now you are about to bring that solo Stupid agent of urs caught alive infront of media. he cant speak urdu right and speak very good Hindi and cant speak english so infront of media his interview will appear with Subtitles in English. I was wondering who is the Author of that Script, one of your stupid Minister or your stupid Intelligence ?.

  2. Not sure which world you guys are in. Or may the blogger on this website are ISI agents. The post and the comments are far different than ground reality.
    We can solve any problem if we acknowledge the problem. Pakistan is in such a deniel mode that they dont want to acknowledge the home grown terrerism problem. The day is not far this denial mode will cost them a nation (Pakistan). And as usually the big loss would be for the civilians not the handful people who are responsible. Hope some leader and some responsible media understand this and talk about this grown terrerism issue.

    • pakistanization Says:

      Dear Shrikant,

      We do not necessarily have to be an “ISI agent” to speak the truth. I respect your views. Pakistan is not in denial. Pakistan accepts that we have terrorists within our territory. But so does India, so does the USA and so does Israel. These terrorists are bred on false policies of each of these countries. Nevertheless, as far as the Mumbai attacks case was concerned, India itself could not present any evidence except for a letter allegedly written by Ajmal Kassab, who was forced to play as a Pakistani terrorist by your intelligence agencies. Had Ajmal been a Pakistani for sure, and there was credible evidence pointing to that, the Interpol Chief, the FBI, the White House, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia would not have denied Pakistan’s involvement on diplomatic grounds. Pakistan stood firm from day 1, and went the extra mile in cooperating with India, by arresting those elements that India had reservations against and had suspected. But evidence is required to build up a case against anyone. India took all the time in the world, but was unable to put forth any solid proofs of Pakistani involvement. Therefore, Indian people must understand their own Govt’s humiliation why India had to back-track on its own threats, and Pranab Mukherjee, your much celebrated Defence Minister was forced to take a U-turn on his words by saying “we had never threatened Pakistan”… Anyways, Pakistan never wanted a war in the first place. The whole war hysteria was created by the Indian media itself, and your Govt. was FORCED to react, without any initial investigation. Pakistan Armed Forces were quiet and out of the scene initially, till they were provoked by your Jet Fighters that entered our airspace. Anyways, best of luck to both sides.

  3. I really dont where do you collect all this information from? Go and read today’s new paper. Pakistan goverment has accepted that Kasab is Pakistan national. The country which itslef is on the verge of bankrupacy and begging money from all other countries is talking war. hahaha.

  4. @ Indian:

    Read today’s paper, I know Pakistan’s accepted that Kassab might hail from Pakistan. But that does not necessarily delegate state involvement. Plus, Pakistan got a large no. of Indian terrorists who’ve been caught. This list will never end. The thing however my dear friend, is: What can India do to stop this terrorism in its state? Answer: Stay awake, be vigilant, and keep its Coast Guard from sleeping all day and night. You guys should serve coffee to your Coast Guard round the clock, lest they fall asleep and a boat loaded with 12 terrorists crosses into Mumbai and then rocks the whole India inside out!

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