India Exposed!

By Adnan Gill


Will India launch punitive strike(s) against Pakistan? Highly unlikely. India would have already struck if it had a choice. It doesn’t have a choice for two major reasons:

1. Indians know, they can start a conflict, but where and how the war ends will not be in their control.

2. By tangling themselves in a war, they run a too realistic risk of delivering a mortal blow to their service-based economy, which may not even survive the brinksmanship Indians are engaging in.


Arguably, Indians suffer from the ‘white man’s complex.’ Urbanite Indians love to mimic the American way of life. They imitate the ‘goras’ in ways ranging from their attire to their manner of speech. So much so, they have named Bombay film industry after an American icon, namely the Hollywood. Somewhere during the last decade or so, Indians became so engrossed with the ‘gora complex’ that they began imagining India to be an economical powerhouse and military superpower equating the Americans. Perhaps, it’s this complex which sullied the better judgment of Indian urbanites and their media in demanding punitive strikes against Pakistan.

Nevertheless, after the initial hysteria will ware down, at least some sane Indians will ask, if India could afford such an arrogant behavior? That when the reality will hit them rudely, like ton of bricks, that neither India is America nor Pakistan is Afghanistan.

Despite the ferocious appearance of the Indian military, largely on paper; the fact remains, over 80% of its obsolete hardware is a carryover from the Soviet-era. Indian handicap of obsolete hardware was highlighted during the 2002 India-Pakistan standoff. It was a humiliating experience for the Indians. Operation Parakram cost India about $2 billion in cash and 798 in human cost, and that too without a single shot fired from the Pakistani side.

It was also a disastrous Indian deployment, because even after one year of hostile posturing, they could not cross the border, fearing an all out war ending in a nuclear exchange. That is when India truly lost its supposed conventional superiority over Pakistan. The humiliating pull back effectively closed the doors on India for any future conventional war endeavors; because Pakistani nuclear arsenal was here to stay. However, during the same time Pakistanis were modernizing its arsenal through the rapid induction of modern weaponry like F-17 fighters and precision weapons like the Hatf-8 cruise missiles.

Since then, India has dabbled with nonstarters, like ‘cold start’ doctrine. The idea was to catch Pakistan off-guard by sending a comparatively smaller but highly mobile force across the border at a moment’s notice. It was a nonstarter because of Pakistani equalizer (its nukes); plus they realized they would still have to deploy a considerable amount of logistics and men at the front positions, where they would have remained juicy sitting-ducks for the preemptive PAF air strikes.

The other reason India cannot afford a war with Pakistan is, its economy is too young and still too small to survive through a round of war. Regardless, the havoc it will run on the already distressed Pakistani economy, the war will for sure spell an end to the largely service-based economy, which depends on the foreign investments; and the foreign investments inherently depend on peace driven stability.

A brief look will abundantly expose the facade of the Indian economy; which will collapse at the first signs of uncertainty or instability. In 2008, its external debts increased to around $221 billion. In 2007, Indian exports stood around $145 billion, while imports were around $217 billion; a deficit of $72 billion in a single year.

Its factory output account for 27.6% of the GDP and employs 17% of the total workforce. Rest of the workforce is largely dedicated to the agriculture sector. According to a 2008 World Bank report, 75.6% Indians live on less than $2 per day. It suffers from higher rates of malnutrition than Sub-Saharan Africa. Over 70% its population is either illiterate or educated below the primary level. Indian tourist industry is 1/6 of Las Vegas. Recently, Standard & Poor’s announced, India risk a downgrade from BBB-minus rating to the lowest investment-grade rating. Clearly, Indians are hardly in a financial shape to even contemplate on waging a war.

Indian service industry accounts for over 55% of its GDP. Bangalore is called the Silicon Valley of India. A large number of Information Technology companies are located in the city. It is the largest contributor of India’s $33 billion IT exports (2007). IT giants like Infosys and Wipro are headquartered in Bangalore. Other undertakings headquartered in Bangalore are Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) and Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to name the few.

Bangalore is also called the world’s call-centre capital. Foreign IT giants like the IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Apple and Cisco have also heavily invested in the city by opening call centers there. These call centers bring in major amounts of service-generated foreign revenues. Their 24/7 operations provide the customer support throughout the globe. An interruption of operations for even for a single day could mean loss of millions of dollars for the foreign investors.

As ugly as it may sound, but that’s what wars are, brutal and ugly. Imagine: far short of nuclear strike, only a couple of bombs or Shaheen-II (with an accuracy of 200m) armed with conventional warheads are dropped on the outskirts of Bangalore. Will even a single foreign company think twice before closing their operations for good? Would they stay around to see if they will get lucky during second round too?

Feel-good slogans like ‘shining India’ don’t help the arrogance clouding the good judgment war-mongering Indians. They can try to start a war on their terms, but it will definitely not end at their terms. Unless India has somehow overcome their fear of far-superior Pakistani nuclear arsenal, or they have found a way to move whole India under kilometer deep nuke-proof shelters, it will not dare to start a war.

Courtesy: PKKH.

17 Responses to “India Exposed!”

  1. Great analysis Adnan.

    To be hysterical and warrior like is one thing, but if the indians truly care about their country and it’s “shining future” they should start contemplating the consequences of their misadventures. A war in the region will truly spell the end of both countries, indeed ALL countries in the subcontinent. Nothing to gain here.

  2. George Bush Says:

    Wishful thinking in a fantasy world!!

  3. India wont do anything. They will just bark for a while and then shut up…the thing is US Pakistani can do with better policies and a government with governance…

  4. At least they have an economy! What about you?

    • pakistanization Says:

      We agree India’s got an economy… Economic worries don’t worry me all that much though… cuz only a smart part of our economy remains documented… the rest of it, as it is, is undocumented, and therefore hidden from the axis of evil. :)… not much to destroy here buddy.

  5. Well the collapsing economy, isnt it?
    Look what is happening to US economy, UK’s economy and their effects on your economy. India’s unfortunate economy is based on call centers where you work as dogs.

    Pakistan is away from all this crap. We do things are own way.

    Its amusing to see how every indian is a wanna be yank!

  6. Stay tuned (Vivek) Says:

    Well , To all my Indian friends and supporters .
    Why you guys are wasting your precious time on loosers tell ?
    Enjoy your time and happyness guys .

  7. pureumang Says:

    Dude instead of talking about India’s economy why don’t you spend time trying to work out why you guys have to go to IMF with a begging bowl!!
    I belive you guys have just about 1 months money left in your banks!!

  8. Every inch of Pakistan would be blazed.

  9. Indians gora complex …SO TRUEEEE!!!

    India’s 9/11 and thn they go about with boards like U.S after the mumbai attacks “CHANGE”!!

  10. Gora complex…lolx …so True!!

    After mumbai attacks …Indian media “India’s 9/11” and later on they were walking around with boards like the Americans “CHANGE” ha ha

  11. makeWorldProud Says:

    Hi all pakis and indians,


    1. Every nation has a problem , pakistan had problems with its own democratic system {which also led to bangla mutiny}. Now your nation is also in dire straits as taliban is closing in and terrorists killing your own policemen. Forget about India attacking pak, because it has never happened whether it be 1965, 1971, kargill , although Pak do not admit it , offcourse no one would admit.
    But the way forward for Pak is to strenthen military , but before doing that strenthen the democracy.

    2. Most of pakistan are obsessed with Kashmir as an issue because your politicians has kept it alive for winning elections. Offcourse anyone who grows up listening about atrocities in Kashmir will always thinks so unless they themselves cross the border and see here.

    Lets talk about India.

    1. Same problem as pakistan, corrupt politicians and beauracrats. Although has become a economically stable still 70 percent population is still considered poor and illiterate.
    2. Although one state supports the cause of tamils in srilanka still Indian government never enetered any war. Frnds in pakistan must discern as to why India fought 1971 war , was it because India was attacked first or because it had other ambitions.
    3. Frnds in Pak should also know that in such a large country corrupt politician do take benefit of caste politics and on basis of relgion that manifest into fights in name of religion or castes.
    4. As far as Kashmir is concerned I suggest to pakis and indians, let us both give indian and pakistani government 10 years to develop pakistan occupied kashmir and indian occupied kashmir . After that let United Nations decide where is the most development and let that side decide upon the fate of full kashmir.

    At last problem of pakistan and indian and 70 percent same , there are some differences but if we look at our own faults we will stop pointing fingers at our neighbours, true for both indian and pakistan.

  12. Abdallah Jan Says:

    Makeworldproud U are deluded by temporary economic carrot offered to you by the Globalist, hence the arrogance.
    There was no Bangla Mutiny, it was orchestrated by Indians, Israelis and Americans. Nevertheless Bangla Desh is still a Muslim Country and ready to take over the whole Bengal, when time is right.
    The terrorist killings in the FATA section is the result of Indian, Israeli and American sponsorship. India Has 23 terrorist recruiting consulates in Afghanistan, that are recruiting the uzbecks and others and Gorkhas from India to destabilize Pakistan. This is the only way India can attack Pakistan, any other assault will face a nuclear retaliation. Baitullah Masud is a CIA asset and financed by India and Israel.
    The Pakistanis would love to see an Indian attack from the eastern border. 225 nukes are pointing to your cities. Please attack. Ofcourse U are cowards, you do not fight with dignity, hence you send terrorist from India and other places to make mischief on western border.
    U have 18 Insurgencies within your own border, Kashmir and Punjab is on the verge of freedom from your piss drinking (hindu) rule. Pakistan does not need you pathetic advice how to or not to rule or how to manage the armed forces. Pakistan has one great Asset which you piss takers have mismanaged. They are Muslims and follow the BOOK and SUNNAH. Democracy does not protect Minorities. India is a big example. You kill Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Dalits alike. You do not even protect female babies. You kill them before or after they are born. You kill/burn your female brides because they can not bring in any more dowry to satisfy your filthy parents demands. In your democratic India you kidnap a female child every 45 sec, and then sell it to older man or multiple men of same family as a child bride. Shame on you and your Filth that is India. You use your widows as prostitutes. Shame on your Filthy INDIA.
    Kashmir belongs to Pakistan. India has no right over it. India has dishonored its promise to hold plebiscite in Kashmir as promised at the U N O. Pakistanis are obsessed with Kashmir because they are Muslims and cow eaters (your god). There is absolutely nothing common between Kashmiris Muslims and monkey/cow/snake/elephant worshipers (hindu).
    Your democracy is a sham. Your democracy is a LIE. Your elected leaders kill Muslims and Christians.
    The problem with Pakistani internal struggle will subside soon InshALLAH, and the Pakistanis has not forgotten the Hindu FILTH at its western border. As prophesied in the traditions you are at the verge of collapse, and your own multiple Insurgencies will help the Invaders and chain your corrupted, baby killers, bride burners, baby sellers and widows assaulter to justice. FREE INDIA FROM THE BARBARIANS and PAGANS.

  13. Abdallah Jan Says:

    Rajindia U made an idiotic and very arrogant statement, that shows you as very ignorant person. Pakistanis HAMDULILLAH knows the Indian, Israeli, and other Elitist intention. Muslims have been warned of this situation some 1500 years ago. Muslims also knows the outcome/result of such an assault on Muslims. So you do what you have to do to blaze every inch of Pakistan, while Pakistani will do what it needs to do to protect itself from such undertaking.
    It is said that when GOD wants to punish somebody, HE sends them to Afghanistan. India, Israel, Nato, Americans are at the moment in Afghanistan. I suggest you to do some research about the Afgans and Pathan in general. These are the only warrior race on the face of earth. They are simple yet very determined and patient. They do not forgive as prescribed by Qu’ran because they follow their own code of conduct that is Pakhtun wali, that itself comes from the ancient Biblical code of conduct that is eye for eye and tooth for tooth. They are the children of Prophet Jacob also known as Israel (now Muslims). It is Prophesied that these warriors will defeat anti-christ and the Agog and Magog with the help of second coming of Issa ben Maryam (Jesus). So in short this war is of Devine in nature and you think you can defeat GOD the Creator of Universe by blazing every inch of Pakistan. Your are so IDIOT no wonder you worship cow and snake and monkey and elephant because you are a senseless fool living in fools paradise.

  14. Abdallah Jan Says:

    Pureumang Zardari goes around t with bowl to enrich himself. What Pakistan has you don’t. The Dollar is worthless piece of paper. Both China and India will be crumbling when dollar crashes to nothing. Whatever reserve you hold in India or any where else would be worth nothing. Just as the few Americans (or un-American) has robbed the innocent American people, same way they will rob you of your worthless holding and you would be crumbling. A poor man on the street knows how to survive, but the middle and rich falls. So wait your turn of crash to nothing.
    InshALLAH Pakistan will survive this crash which is engineered by the Elitist. India meanwhile would be crumbling and will looses its sovereignty.
    What we have or not have in the bank is not any of your business. We have morality, you do not—
    We love our wives, you kill/burn your wives.
    We love our children, you kill your female children before or after birth.
    We take care of our female widows, you force them into PROSTITUTION.
    We take care of lost children, you kidnap female children and sell them.
    We protect our minority, you kill them as an official policy.
    India is the worst nation on the planet. Its Destruction is Prophesied in the tradition. And guess to whom shall the honor go to?
    That is the right answer, unpure umang.

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