We’re not the only ones making fun of India…

Are you gonna keep Barking or are you gonna bite Doggy?

Are you gonna keep Barking or are you gonna bite Doggy?


For a nice laugh, you must watch the video below:



The superpower these days is working on its punctured missiles while Pranab Mukherjee is probably gonna be the first missile himself to be fired off the Govt. of India in a very short time. Poor guy’s done a fair lot to discredit Pakistan, however, unfortunately this wasn’t enough for the Mumbai elites who want more “action” from the Indian Govt. to go against Pakistan. By initially blaming Pakistan and later on not being able to prove their claims or substantiate the fake and fictitious evidences, Indian Govt. is in for a rough ride!



13 Responses to “We’re not the only ones making fun of India…”

  1. salmanahmad Says:

    hey keep up the good work

    hope to get ur feedfeed back on my my blog
    http://salmanahmad.wordpress.com/2008/12/03/india-encircled-by-illusions/ need ur feedback


  2. Munna Bhai Says:

    A doctored video would certainly amuse people like you. The test fired rocket is a German ww II V-2.


    Just to help you guys. Dumpkopf is german for dumbhead, dopehead…whatever.

    • pakistanization Says:

      Probably… Fox News does it often, doesn’t it? Had it been against Pakistan, it would’ve meant the world to you.

      Anyways, my dear German Munna bhai, that’s a Missile, NOT a Rocket. Should i doubt your knowledge in this area? or are you merely denying it cuz India is all this and that? …. Nevermind, sometimes truth is bitter and can’t be digested. Just like you couldn’t digest this one. Its ok. I can understand.

  3. Well, Indian tank arjun has faced similar destiny.
    Indians have been pumped with bogus nationalism with poor and cheap bollywood movies for decades. The result is lack of rationalism and logic in indian minds. They just do not understand that the world is bigger and greater than their little mumbai based film industry. What can one expect from a nation which has learned by disney-like movies and fairy tales.
    They are just unable to understand that we ruled them for thousand years.
    World should know that India is the last country after fall of Apartheid, which has its society based on racism and discrimination.
    We cannot expect a higher intellectual level from a bunch of people who pray to Shivelingam (Shivas penis) and drink and shower cow urine. This is the reason why hindu culture has not been able to produce one single philosopher or a scientist in whole its history.

  4. Guys u need to get jobs or create jobs for your people… jihadis will automatically disappear

  5. fox news dumb slut Says:

    she cant think for herself. she is fed information by the spin artists who want their own to look better than everyone else. I feel bad for her because she is trying to protray this image of being a intellect but she is nothing more than a bimbo.

  6. ha ha ha
    that is real indian technology.

  7. Hahahaha i love how you guys are trying to degrade india… how about we look at the problems in Paki. that should bring up some intresting topics. but keep up your pointless ramblings… at least it will keep trash like you off the streets.

  8. Zee Shah, if India produce poor and cheap movies then why u people watch them and copy to make movies labeled Pakistani….

  9. DAFT INDIAN Says:



    HA HA:-)

  10. khalid Shafi Says:

    I am also amused by your movies particularly when you show scenes of worshiping a monkey or an elephant. It amazes me how in the world can you call yourself advanced when you worship animals and phallus
    . Where does it say in your books to worship animals? Have you no sense? Why do you worship that which GOD created?
    About the missile….. It withdrew because it was not circumcised (joke). Thats what will happen InshALLAH in the coming war that looks inevitable with all the warmongering and rhetoric going on arrogant bharati side. Forget not Alexander, Soviet, British, and now Aa’jud and Ma’jud were routed right here. India, you are next.
    But you can still avoid that, open your eyes and and heart, Muslims are great asset to you in india live like brothers and sisters. You have or on verge to lose Kashmir, InshALLAH.

  11. khalid Shafi Says:

    Robin you have to first qualify what trash is?
    According to us, trash is when your culture kills 3 Million female babies during or after pregnancies.
    Trash is when your culture burns 30,000/year young wives that can not bringing any more dowry to their husbands.
    Trash is when your culture turns a blind eye when every 45 sec a female child is kidnapped and sold as child bride to older man or sometime to multiple men of same family.
    Trash is when millions of widowed women are forced into prostitution.
    Trash is when every minute an indian farmer commits suicide due to moneylenders onslaught.
    We do not prefer to degrade india after all we have roots there. You are degrading india yourself. Be indian, respect all human beings, respect all the different races that GOD has made, and, unite. We (you and us) have same struggle to take on that’s in the Horrizon.
    Trash is when you uproot minorities places of worship.
    Trash is when your religion creates religious Apartheid, and kills minorities.
    Trash is when your men come home drunk and beat up their wives.
    Trash is when you commit a crime and blame it on others.
    With all these trashes amongst you, your trashy movies delude people with fancy stories so they could forget their hardship for a moment.
    This how I qualify trash.
    As for us, we do not have time for trashy things.

  12. WHoa… Your On Fire!!!
    Khalid Shafi man that was amazing, about trash:)
    i just want to add that:
    Trash is the shit beneath our feet
    India is Trash
    India is the shit beneath our feet

    Thank You:)
    PS Hell YEAH we dont have time for TRash

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