Whither India?

By S. Qadri

India’s de facto ruler, Sonia Gandhi, has warned Pakistan against “taking India’s wish for peace as a sign of weakness” (Dec 22).

Every country in South Asia knows that India is upto scores of times bigger in size and military strength. They have also learned from experience how the giant neighbour throws its weight around. Thus, even the landlocked Nepal was subjected to an economic blockade and Sri Lanka was so worried in the 80’s that it had reportedly asked Britain, China and Pakistan tohelp it in case of an Indian invasion.


Pakistan, too, knows this and much more, having lost its eastern wing primarily due to Indian military might/intervention. So, Mrs Gandhi, everybody around here knows India’s superficial strength. But, what is real power, do you ever try to understand?

True power is what China has been exhibiting in its relations with its South Asian neighbours. When, during the 1962 war with India, it had pushed the Indian army out of the disputed territory, it declared a ceasefire and returned the Indian weapons it had captured, after duly polishing and servicing them! That is what is known as strength.

Standing up fearlessly to a 7 times bigger adversary, as the Pakistanis have been doing for 61 years, is also toughness.

It is not the bullying of weaker countries by holding a gun to their heads, as India does, won’t do. Nor is it the occupation of territories, as New Delhi did in case of Kashmir, Hyderabad, Junagadh, Goa, Sikkum and Siachen Glacier. And by no means is it the stoppage of river waters to Pakistan or Bangladesh either.

The Indian Sufi Hazrat Inayat Khan had explained this in his own wisdom:

“A person in the intoxication of outer power that he possesses overloks the cultivation or the developmnt of inner power, and, depending upon the power that does not belong to him, one day becomes the victim of the very power that he holds… So it is that the heroes, the kings, the emperors, the persons with great power of arms… have become the victim of the very power upon which they always depended.”

Thus, slitting pen the bellies of pregnant Muslim women or burning to death Christian missionaries is not power, any more than holding Kashmiris or Nagas or Naxalite farmers captive at gunpoint your strength. That is why violent protestors or their sympathisers now besiege India.

If India had existed in Euope, would Italy, France, Germany or Britain have allowed it to gobble up slices of their territories? This is something that Mrs Gandhi and the European supporters of India should ponder about. How can China, Pakistan or other regional countries let New Delhi usurp their lands or riverine resources?

Former Indian President Radhakrishnan had said many decades ago: “Our opportunities are great but let me warn you that when power outstrips ability, we will fall on evil ways”.

More poignantly, John Milton had observed: “What is strength without a double share of wisdom? Vast, unwieldy, burdensome, proudly secure, yet liable to fail by weakest subtleties, strength’s not mad to rule, but to subserve, where wisdom bears command”.

Both of them could have been speaking of present-day India.


Courtesy: DAWN

9 Responses to “Whither India?”

  1. If war errupts it will be like a 4 feet person fighting with someone is 10 feet. The four feet one will win because it can easily kick the nuts of the 10 feet character……

  2. Princefino, what profound analyses. amazing, ur sheer genius is asounding. how can a country that has sons like u lose? only if u were around in 1971.

  3. al, yes we admit we lost in 1971 and you broke Pakistan into two but do know why it happened? due to indian supported destabilization. In this way, Pakistan has a right to avenge the revenge with an eye for eye approach, right? but Pakistan doesnt do that. We are bigger than that and we dont believe in terrorism. And above this, we dont need to indulge in any such thing because India is still crying over 14th August 1947 and we dont want to give you more grief 🙂

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  5. Mehtab Badar Says:

    India has neither strategy nor direction when it comes to politics, military or long term planning. No one has any respect for India anywhere in the world. Pakistan is 10 times smaller but has the capability to destroy India. As an Indian Muslim, I can categorically say, if there was a long-term final war between Pakistan and India, over 160 million Indian Muslims would perform acts of Jihad inside India and destroy the entire Indian infrastructure from Power Plants, Dams, Water Supply Systems, Nuclear Reactors, Airports, Roads, Bridges and all the major economic centers like Mumbai. I can honestly say within the next 20 years, Hindu India will cease to exist and this time when The Islamic Republic of Pakistan conquers it, Indian Hindus will be forced to convert to Islam or die. AllahuAkbar!

  6. india is a country who creat terrorists.

  7. StinkingIndianMacaca Says:


    1971 was indeed a crowning glory for you after being enslaved for 1200 years (first by Muslims then by British). Rest assured that will also be the only time. It is high time to give India taste of what it has been doing to rest of its neighbours by supporting all the separatist movements taking place inside her.

  8. Shinde Sameer Says:

    HEY STOP …this utter non sense talk by u people whole world know who is what ?

    Reports of CIA, Mossad , KGB talks it all you. you can’t stand in front of us at any front .

    whole world is afraid of islamic terrorism . you are the unwanted lots at each part of world .

    you never built on ur own . we thown 60 cr to u @ time of partition .

    ok stop this fullish comment … India is Mahaan.

  9. Abdallah Jan Says:

    Pakistan did not loose in 1971. Bangladesh is a Muslim country. In the event of in-inevitable war looming. Bangladesh will take over whole of Bengal, cut northern narrow border and meet with China, and take over Assam.
    All the past hurdles and bumps was from ALLAH to educate Muslims in Pakistan who backed India during this war, who the enemy is and how they operate. Leading to nuclear arming itself.
    India is already surrounded by Chinese, with new port in Gwader, Indians shipping is an easy targets. Indians navy could not even subdue the timid Somalian ships sea jackers, they hit the wrong ship. How will they protect themselves from multitude of Pakistani boats that go on and off to Gulf, let alone the Professional Navy. Ceylon has also to settle score with India.
    As far as Shinde Sameer remark is concerned…..Dear dreamer the people of NWFP has routed much bigger Empires than your fragmented religious apartheid nation. First deal with your own different insurgencies. These guys will help foreign invasion as they are sick of hindu rule.
    The whole world is awakening up and they find that it was not Muslims that were behind staged 911 or London or Spain or Mumbai, it was all an INSIDE JOB, and put the blame on Muslims. Why? Muslim are sitting on HUGE energy resources which the non-muslims want to steal, after murdering the indigenous Muslim people. Afghanistan has largest deposit of Uranium. You would love to get hold on it dont you? That is why you have 23 terrorist Indian consulate in Afghanistan recruiting terrorist and your Gorkhas to create Mischief at the Pakistani western border. The western media and your media is controlled by special interest group and and you knowingly or unknowingly fall for their GARBAGE.
    If Islam endorses terrorism people would not be running to revert to Islam. Islam is the Fastest growing religion in the world. 75 % of new converts are women. Did terrorism attracted these women to become Muslims? You are blindly insane. Wake up.
    At partition the homosexual mountbatten and nehru connived and left Pakistan with nothing, hoping that bharat will invade and re-occupy Pakistan. But you were driven out by the tribal Pathans who also liberated half of the Kashmir and then nehru went crying at the UNO to halt the fighting, promising to hold the plebiscite in Kashmir, which never happened, due to hindu’s habit of lying and not honoring the promises made.
    Ask Kashmiris (100,000 murdered) how mahaan is india
    Ask Goans how mahaan is india
    Ask Dalits how mahaan is india
    Ask indian Muslims how mahaan is india
    Ask indian Christians how mahaan is india
    Ask 3 million female babies that you murder every year how mahaan is india
    Ask 30,000 young indian brides that you burn every year how mahaan is india
    Ask 45 million indian widows who are forced into prostitution how mahaan is india
    Ask the female child that is kidnapped every 45 second and sold as a child bride to older man, sometime to multiple men of same family how mahaan is india
    Ask the wife of Karkare who was leading an investigation against indian military intelligence involved in terrorism inside india and blaming Pakistan, then killed by marathi speaking hindu terrorist during mumbai episode, how mahaan is india
    Ask those farmers that commit suicide every 2 minutes due to moneylenders onslaught how mahaan is india
    Ask Nepal and Ceylon how mahaan is india
    Dear Sameer your india if not at war with Pakistan will self destruct due to its policies. The only way it can save itself is when it ceases to cause mischief within and out the borders. It should become humane and follow the example of China that has formed agreements and alliances with Muslim and non-muslim countries purely on trade bases and does not interfere in their internal politics. China does not name call any Muslim country. Are you that stupid, knowing all your energy comes from Muslim country and yet you say they are terrorist and they are the unwanted lots?
    How STUPID can HINDUS get is beyond my imagination.

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